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Sometimes, it's not what you know, it's who you know. Having a solid understanding and go-to-market strategy for your institution's payment portfolio requires a breadth of knowledge not found at most credit unions. That's why we recommend the Payment Consultancy, smart, impartial advisors to take your credit union to the next level.

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Payment Consulting Services

To compete in today’s hyper progressive payments space, credit unions need trusted, impartial advice. Our independent consultants provide forward-thinking institutions the breadth of knowledge and go-to-market strategy required to take their credit union’s payment portfolio to the next level.

Vendor Review and RFP Service

Supporting the credit union by researching the unique operational, technical and member services to develop a process the will resulting the best long-term outcomes.

Contract Negotiations

Supporting credit unions with smart contract negotiations require a methodical approach to costs, business strategy and a deep understanding of the industry and competition.

Back Office & Operational Issues

Consistent support for the credit union and members through efficient management practices across the payment lifecycle.

Lending & Collections Performance

Developing lending and collection performance objectives enables the credit union to evaluate its success in reaching its targets and ultimately achieve its management and financial goals.

Advanced Payment Technologies

Aiding credit unions to understand, scope, and launch next-generation payment solutions to their members.

Data Analytics

Provide the tools and insights to help credit unions to grow and better manage their institutions.

Strategy and Growth Services

An effective and compressive solution for credit unions that provides the go-to-market strategy necessary to take a credit union’s payment portfolio to the next level.

Executive, Legal & Operational Support

Utility-players that provide short- and long-term support across payment and operational disciplines.

The Payment Consultants

Our independent consultants provide forward-thinking institutions the breadth of knowledge and go-to-market strategy required to take their credit union’s payment portfolio to the next level.

Savage Consulting Group provides payment systems consulting to credit unions, banks, payment processors, and networks since 2001.


Savage Consulting Group offers consulting services to financial institutions, processors, and networks in all aspects of the payments industry. The range of services includes:

  • Managing the RFP process for selecting transaction processing vendors
  • Re-engineering payment system back office processes
  • Resolving operational issues for ATM, debit, and credit card programs
  • Designing settlement and reconciliation processes
  • Managing card program processor conversion projects
  • Completing card program profitability analysis
  • Developing educational curriculum for the payments industry


Best Innovation Group (BIG) is a technology innovation and development company catering to the financial industry.


The BIG consulting team is dedicated to helping credit unions achieve extraordinary success and to perform at unparalleled levels. We offer support and guidance wherever needed to ensure strategic growth. Our services include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Lending Digital
  • Information Technology
  • Strategy and Growth
  • Executive Services


Value Management Group International, LLC (VMGI) provides management consulting to the consumer financial services industry. We assist credit unions in the realization of performance improvement through superior strategic, operational and financial management.


Value Management Group International, LLC combines deep experience in Card and Payments Operations, Technology, and Risk Management to deliver comprehensive solutions to improve the financial and operational performance of Credits Unions and enhance the Credit Union Member Experience.

VMGI delivers payments performance improvement in the following areas:

  • Vendor Contract Assessment, Negotiation Strategy, and Negotiation Execution Support
  • Strategic Cost Performance Improvement
  • Credit & Debit Card Portfolio Performance Improvement
  • Credit Card Agent Bank vs. In-house Issuance Evaluations
  • Operational Performance and Process Improvement
  • Payment Product Marketing Strategy and Strategy Execution Management
  • Risk Management Strategy Assessment, Enhancement, and Execution Management
  • Collections Management and Performance Improvement
  • Customer Contact Performance Assessment, Enhancement, and Execution Management


Clearkey Consulting helps payment providers implement secure, compliant payment solutions that leverage advanced EFT payment technologies and industry best practices.


Clearkey Consulting helps clients implement advanced payment technologies and methods that maximize security, flexibility and cost savings. Our consultants possess deep business and technical expertise, having worked extensively in the payments industry.  We offer a variety of services that help clients implement best-of-breed EFT payment processing solutions which are right-sized to your needs:

  • Payment Technologies
  • Data Security
  • Compliance, Risk, and Operations
  • Advanced Cryptographic Solutions
  • Litigation Support


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