ATM Driving Solutions

BEKEN’s high-quality, comprehensive ATM Terminal Driving Service that can help you reduce processing costs and enhance the return of your ATM investment.

BEKEN supports a wide range of ATM driving device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. We provide a selection of special features — including language and marketing options — to expand your ATMs’ appeal and increase ATM revenue streams. Reports and back-office tools, including access to real-time ATM monitoring via a web browser, help you effectively manage your ATM service and monitor the success of your program.

ATM driving helps to consolidate all of your card and ATM processing, helping to reduce the number of technical interfaces and vendors you manage, and consolidate all settlement and reporting. In addition, when BEKEN drives your terminals, your ATM volume is included in your BEKEN transaction totals — helping you move to more favorable pricing thresholds, potentially reducing your overall electronic processing costs.