Portfolio Insights and Campaign Solutions

Portfolio Insights

BEKEN’s Portfolio Insights employs Visa Data Manager at its core with customizable dynamic dashboards and hand-on support to generate a birds-eye view of key business metrics that are of greatest value for the user. Visa Data Manager (VDM) is a state-of-the-art data warehousing and analytics solution that delivers easy access to the information you need to help optimize portfolio performance, address fraud and grow your payments business. VDM allows you to access the following information:

  • Detailed historical transactions
  • Cardholder records
  • ATM, fraud and prepaid fee and load information
  • Interchange data
  • Marketing and diagnostic reports
  • A full view into fraud that combines confirmed fraud with Falcon data

VDM puts all of your information and statistics right at your fingertips with access anytime, anywhere, including iPads. VDM can:

  • Segment cardholders
  • See which networks merchants are using to identify fraud patterns and comply with interchange reporting requirements
  • Offer the analytics and query capabilities you need to quickly get information

Portfolio Campaign Solutions

BEKEN is committed to helping you grow your portfolio and increase the overall lifetime value of your cardholders by providing comprehensive marketing materials, best practices and Portfolio Campaign Solutions, a cost-effective marketing and messaging tool. Campaign Solution builds on the robust data available through Visa Data Manager to help you plan, deliver and evaluate cardholder marketing campaigns. Use our turnkey materials to jump-start your marketing campaigns and encourage your cardholders to use your card for all of their payment needs.


  • Engage Your Cardholders: Effectively target low-use cards with compelling offers that motivate activation and build use in key categories.
  • Streamline Communications: VCS can help consolidate your marketing and account servicing tools; and it automates configuration, delivery, fulfillment and tracking.
  • Grow Payment Volume: VCS has proven results of driving increased transaction volume for issuers.
  • Expand Contact Points: Efficiently connect with cardholders using both promotions and general communications. Automated velocity checks prevent over-communication.
  • Cater to Financial Institutions of All Sizes: VCS is designed for financial institutions that have limited resources available to support customer marketing and messaging services.